A community of welcome

At Central we’re developing the idea of being a community of welcome.

Here are some ideas we’re mulling over:

sharing the welcome God offers us
responding to Christ’s open-armed welcome

inspired by the Spirit to welcome all people

and some possible sentences of explanation:

  • We want to be a community of welcome where anyone can come to explore what faith means in the modern world.
  • We want to offer a welcome at God’s table.
  • We want to live welcoming lives because we believe the good news of Jesus Christ is for all people.
  • When we offer a welcome we don’t just want to make you feel comfortable as part of the community here: we want to share the good news that whoever you are, whatever story you have to tell, whatever you think or believe, whatever you’ve done, however good or bad a person you think you are, God’s good news is for you, you can be accepted and loved – and together we can transform our society for the better.