Second Sunday Supplement

On the second Sundays of every second month at 5pm we hold an additional short act of worship. It generally includes praying, singing, Bible study and discussion, followed by refreshments at 5.45pm.

Anyone attending is most welcome (but not obliged) to stay for our ‘regular’ evening service which will start at 6.30pm.¬†All are welcome – we will be meeting in the meeting rooms of the church building. Access is via the door to the far right of the main entrance.

For more details or if you’d like to help with leading worship, please contact Ian Miller or Hilary Blake on 01904 413890.

Previous ‘Supplements’ have considered waiting in Advent, eating together in Lent and in¬†April we thought about the sea, and about being disciples. In June¬†we celebrated St Columba’s day and in August we thought about different types of justice. In September we considered how we label God’s creation and in December we made a space for quiet prayer and reflection in Advent.

In 2014, after a brief¬†rest¬†in February, we met in April to make and eat hot cross buns as we considered the subsequent¬†Holy week.The June¬†Second¬†Sunday¬†Supplement celebrated Pentecost. In August we considered our church’s call to be a community of welcome.¬†For our¬†October worship we took the¬†theme of peacemaking.¬†Our December service took a¬†slightly different format – a time to stop and pray during advent.

For 2015, we began the year with a¬†service of prayers for healing based on the service of prayers for healing in the Iona Abbey Worship Book. April’s gathering¬†had¬†the theme ‘Christ the gardener’, and we continued this into June with a look at the Mustard seed and Spiritual growth. In August we went on a short pilgrimage around our locality.In¬†¬†October we¬†focussed on the theme of ‘Seeking Sanctuary.’¬†In¬†December considered¬†the Methodist Conference’s invitation to engage in deep reflection and discussion on marriage and relationships. In¬†¬†February we¬†thought¬†about worship – What is it? Why do we do it? How do we do it?¬†Our discussions at SSS fed¬†into wider discussions about worship at Central.

We’re now taking a break from Second Sunday Supplement for a while, mainly for personal reasons for the leaders. ¬†We hope that the church can continue to¬†consider how we¬†participate in¬†‘normal’ Sunday services.