Basement Central now officially open!

Yesterday evening was the official opening ceremony for Basement Central, with Revd Chris Humble (Central Methodist) and Revd Matthew Porter (St Michael-le-Belfrey) cutting the ribbon. ┬áBasement Central is already proving a valuable and fruitful location for youth and children’s work but yesterday was a chance to show the place to a few more people and celebrate how we’ve got to where we are.

Have a look at some pictures which give a taste of the occasion:

Main gate

Gathering for the opening ceremony for Basement Central

People outside

People waiting for the opening ceremony

Lee Kirkby

Lee Kirkby, head of youth and children’s work at St Michael-le-Belfrey

Revd Matthew Porter

Revd Matthew Porter, vicar of St Michael-le-Belfrey

Revd Chris Humble

Revd Chris Humble, minister at Central Methodist

Cutting the ribbon

Joy as Chris and Matthew cut the ribbon to declare Basement Central officially open

Basement corridor

We enjoyed drinks and nibbles in the corridor

Main room

Exploring the main room

Table football

Games to enjoy (and we’re not telling you the score of the table football game between our minister and senior steward!)

Update (24.6.13): the opening ceremony has now been covered by our local newspaper, The Press.  Click here for a link to the report in The Press.