The Posada is an Advent festival originating in Latin America that dramatises the search of Joseph and Mary for lodging.  During Advent the figures, usually Joseph, Mary and a donkey, travel around the town or village stopping each night at a different venue where they are welcomed by the occupants. Sometimes friends are invited in to share the occasion. Those who welcome the Posada are encouraged to light a candle (included in the package) and reflect on the Christmas story and their response to the birth of God’s Son – Jesus.

There is also a ‘diary’ and camera to record the Posada’s journey and any response that the hosts wish to share.

Hosting the Posada  is an opportunity to stop and think how the Christmas story of 2,000 years ago impacts on our lives today. We will do so against a background of many people making journeys from places of conflict and oppression in the hope of finding a welcome and new start.

The first journey will be on Advent Sunday and if we have sufficient volunteers the figures will then return to church for the Carol Concert on Tues 22 Dec.