Transforming Central Mission Statement

WELCOMING                      CARING
LIVING                  FAITH IN ACTION 

Central is part of the Methodist Communion within the world-wide Christian Church. We understand ourselves to be called to gather together as the body of Christ in this place which welcomes and celebrates human diversity as well as serve our wider community and congregation in ways which show the love and compassion of God. The inspiration for our worship and everything we do at Central Methodist Church is the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth. He is the origin of Christian faith and embodies a quality of humanity we seek to embrace. Jesus lived and died furthering what he described as God’s kingdom on earth: a reign of justice, compassion, healing and peace, rooted in truth and realised through the practice of love and the pursuit of wisdom.

In partnership with others we seek to find new ways of conserving and adapting our city centre church and its ancillary buildings so that we make the best use for the continuing benefit and welfare of the community of the city and its visitors. We see our building as a precious asset to be shared with the community at large and hope that those who use it may discover something of the Christian way of life.

We aspire to be a community of welcome, seeking to serve the city seven days a week, and to be a focus for helping some of the most vulnerable people in the city. Together with other like-minded organisations we are seeking to improve the quality of life, both physical and spiritual, of those who live, work and visit our city.  We are in conversation with other local community bodies that, like us, are passionate about community development.

The Church exists to be a living, breathing demonstration of the beloved community; to be a place of acceptance, a place of equal opportunity, a place where diversity is celebrated and where anyone and everyone can be at home in the love of God.