Community Survey

We’re very pleased to be commissioning┬áDeacon Ian Cartwright of Imagine Projects to undertake a survey of community needs in the Guildhall Ward.

This research will:

  • Give local people a say in the future of their community
  • Avoid unnecessary duplication of provision
  • Deepen the Churches understanding of the local community
  • Ensure any potential projects will meet real needs
  • Create a sense of local ownership and participation

The research will also help the Church to deliver mission whilst engaging the community through the project. The project will also enable the Church to set clear goals for their mission and ministry and gain a credible understanding of the area in terms of needs and opportunities.

So far┬áthere’s been a┬áProject inception meeting, some┬áDesktop research and last week say the first┬áStakeholder focus group. To follow will be┬ásome┬áCommunity engagement,┬áMarket testing focus groups, a┬áFinal debrief and then the┬áImplementation.

The most visible part of this process will be a survey to all homes and businesses in our locality.

We’re very much looking forward to the results of this work to inform the rest of our Transforming Central project.